Software Programs


The RAPcores repository includes a simple command line interface for diagnostics and testing. It is backed by librapcore.

Build Instructions

run: make rapcore-cli


Options are available by:

./rapcore-cli --help

Interactive SPI using RasPi + Julia

You will need a: - Raspberry Pi (This is tested in RasPi4)

Step 1: Install an operating System

Step 2: Enable SPI + SSH

Step 3: Download the Julia ARM binaries:

The most recent version is recommended (though it may only support ARM64 aka AArch64)

Step 4: Wire the SPI from the RasPi pinout to the corresponding pins on the target board

Step 5: Install BaremetalPi

from the Julia prompt (the Julia binary will be in download location ./bin/julia ):

julia> using Pkg

julia> Pkg.update()

julia> Pkg.add("BaremetalPi")

Step 6:

You should be ready to send commands. The full docs to BaremetalPi are available here.

Some examples (Note: these commands may be out of date):

julia> using BaremetalPi # import Pkg

julia> buf = zeros(UInt64, 4) # initializer a buffer
4-element Array{UInt64,1}:

julia> init_spi("/dev/spidev0.0", max_speed_hz=1_000_000) # initialize the SPI device

julia> spi_transfer!(1, [0x0a00000000000001], buf) # run the enable motor command

julia> spi_transfer!(1, [0x0100000000000000, 0x0000000001ffffff, 0x0000010000000000, 0x0000000100000000], buf); println(buf); # execute a transfer and print the buffer